Afra Integrated Food Value Chains is one of the largest food processing companies in the country.
Its mission is to manage and develop the supply chain for grain, oilseeds, protein, and sugar, creating synergies throughout the process.
Through continuous improvement and strategic efforts, the company aims to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials.
Afra Integrated Food Value Chains has a strong presence in the domestic and regional markets. The company aspires to become the leading integrated food chain in Iran, with each of its core segments being a frontrunner in its respective market.

Market Leadership: To achieve a leading position in targeted value chains through diversified investments and implementation of R&D-driven design and development projects.

Trade Hub: Establish the company as the primary trade gateway (hub) for the Persian Gulf region by facilitating commercial and production activities aligned with the group’s value chain.

Strategic Supply: Secure a position among the top two suppliers of relevant raw materials, addressing domestic needs and collaborating with neighboring countries to meet regional demands through international partnerships.

Export Expansion: Develop and enhance export activities across various food chain segments within the regional market. 

Global Reach: Elevate the company to a specialized holding company with a global presence, exploring entry into the capital market.