Afra Integrated Food Value Chains is a specialized and integrated holding in food value chains, encompassing oilseeds, grains, protein, and sugar materials. It has been a prominent player in the country processing industry for over two decades, handling 3-4 million tons of imports and processing 1-1.2 million tons, annually.To enhance the quality, quantity, and efficiency of raw material supply required by various industries, Afra Integrated Food Value Chains has established a complementary, interconnected value chain. With each subsidiary integrating both horizontally and vertically in its respective value chain.


Afra’s primary goal is to enhance the quality, quantity, and efficiency of supplying essential raw materials required by diverse industries.To achieve this, It has created a complementary, interconnected, and value-creating chain in all links of the supply cycle.

"AFRA is a highly specialized and fully integrated holding company operating within the food value chains,encompassing oilseeds, grains, protein and sugar."

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